Web 2.0 Assignment

Yes, this website more than meet my expectations. This program is about giving teachers all the tools they need to succeed in one place. They can have their email, assignments, grading system, and allows the teacher to communicate not only with the students but also with other teachers. This website would demonstrate my ability to use new recourses, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. They remembered to state how safe it its to use and easy to manage, and it also has a free package so if a teacher works at a financially struggling school getting this program would not be impossible. The audience for this website is teachers who would use it in their classrooms.
It wasn’t what I thought it would be at first because I was envisioning it helping you create print out flyers but, in fact they help you create online flyers. I think it looks really cool. I love creative things that actually serve a purpose and this is one. You custom design your flyer and then you can post it in your email, to your facebook, and it can be looked up in a search engine. This would be extremely helpful with communicating with parents and grabbing their attention on upcoming events or activities that need help. The only down fall I could see is that I’m not entirely sure you can print them without paying for the full thing and I really like hard copies that I can tape up everywhere. This website can be for anyone but they do have a premium package specifically designed for teachers that includes fancy school designs.
This website looks pretty good. You can go on and create a comic and design the story, the characters, the background, everything is up to you. Then you can share it with anyone you want. It too has a special teaching design where the students can submit their work and the teacher can approve it and post it for the rest of the class to see and comment on or they can send it back to the student to edit first. That is really its only function, is to create comics, so that is kind of a draw back but, on the other had it is a great way for students to learn about how to tell a story the proper way.


One thought on “Web 2.0 Assignment

  1. I’m not familiar with any of the these applications, but all three look like good finds for the classroom. I would encourage you to continue this type of evaluation as you proceed through the course. I’ll throw a lot of websites at you this term- some will be useful, some might not. Unfortunately, you don’t really know at this stage of your teacher candidacy exactly where you will end up, so you need to develop some general evaluative skills for these web-based technologies to see if they are a good use of your limited class time. I liked your hyperlinks, but (from a stylistic point) you may want to change the color of your hyperlinks so that they don’t blend in with your background color. Keep posting in your personal narrative fashion- maybe more first person (I) and less second (you) in your writing, but keep the energy level going.

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