Never ending hastle of copyright laws -_-

As a child, you look up to your teachers as the amazing people who know everything. They do everything right and for some crazy reason they want to help you do things great too! When teachers do not do things the right way they are not only setting a bad example for their students but you also lose their respect. The classroom relies on respect for teachers so the students can actually learn something. Even when your students don’t know how you got all the material your supervisors can find out and then you will not have a job. So just do what you have to do and let your students enjoy the awesome teacher they love! 



One thought on “Never ending hastle of copyright laws -_-

  1. While I would agree with you, I would also strongly encourage you to add some links to your supporting evidence. How might you go about teaching a unit on copyright? Any useful tools (either from class resources or that you discovered on your own) that you could add to this posting? Oh, don’t forget about presentation design- did you have any thoughts about what makes a good presentation?

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