Multimedia Creations for Students

I’ve said before that I do not get along with technology very well. However, the more and more I learn about all the things you can do with it not only personally but in the classroom my excitement grows. The reason I tend to not like technology is because I am terrible at it. I never know how to operate anything so how am I supposed to teach my future students how to do all these amazing things? We learned about Jing in class, but the book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson we read dove deeper into it’s workings. The fact that I could learn how to do things by others who have used Jing to create informative tutorials makes me really happy, but most importantly is all the possibilities that my students could use it for. I love how students learn from other students. I could have my students group up and make their own screen casting on how to use Word Documents, Excel,  Google, ect. Then each group could view each others screen casting and learn from one another. If they wanted to take it a step further or the students are older, I could have them create their own podcast or video to share not only with the class but with parents and other teachers. Will Richardson described it very well when he said, “Whatever you and your students create can be shared widely” and also, “these videos… should be created for real audiences outside the classroom”. By creating a podcast through Podomatic or creating a video and using MovieMaker or iMovie to edit and put it all together builds their technology skills while sharing it with the world builds their confidence and maybe even their public speaking abilities. Teacher Tube is a great services for students and teachers to use and also Izzy Video for helping plan out these great resources. I was always jealous growing up and seeing the TV shows of schools with kids doing the morning news casting being broadcasted  into every classroom. Although the age group I’m looking to teach couldn’t handle putting a video together, I can imagine giving the camera in their hands and letting them go wild with whatever they are working on or assign them a project that they need to document. Each group could then have their projects displayed online for the whole class to look at and if I used the parents could see them present their projects in real time on line. The possibilities of projects and assignments are limitless or as Will said, “It’s limited by only your and their creativity”.


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