Critical Thinking

1. Can we define what it means to be information literate?
I think we can. It means that we know hoe to not only use the information that is given to us but also know its worth. A person can pick up a piece of information and most importantly understand who wrote it and if they have any importance whatsoever and know if what they are saying is truth. Both of these are extremely hard to do sometimes because we have come accustomed to believing everything we see on the internet. Finding the reliable information within the sea of unreliable information can make anyone frustrated. But that is why we need to learn how to do it. So it will not be a head ach anymore.

2. Can we teach our students to have the skills essential to information literacy?
Yes, but first we should learn it ourselves so we can be a good example to our students. All that the students will need to learn is how to define credibility. We can do this in various ways such as truthfulness, trustworthiness, expertise, objectivity, relevance, reliability, and believability.

3. Can we truly prepare students to be effective users of the most powerful medium?
To get kids on the right track they need to understand four areas and then put them into practice. “Author, What makes this author credible, Currency, how old is the source type, and has it been updated, subject, how thorough is the coverage of the topic, and balance, its the coverage biased in any way”. True or Not by Debbie Abilock
I know if I would have been taught these four easy steps when I was in school it would have benefited me a great deal. I still find myself and will probably continue to in the future, looking at websites or magazines wondering if what is in them have any truth. With these tools I believe it will become much easier telling the good from the bad.


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